First, there was music and a dream. Then there was Palpita! To us it means a lot: the rhythmic flapping of wings, the beat of a heart, the name of a white, translucent butterfly. So vulnerable, yet powerful, just like our music!

Our Experience

So far this journey has been nothing short of amazing. Our experience is ever increasing, with concerts in multiple different sceneries, from simple house concerts to canal cruises, restaurants, theaters and special events. We've played all across the Netherlands but also in Switzerland, Italy and even Portugal. In 2016 we had our second and major tour to Portugal in which we have played in great venues such has the Hard Club Porto, Cine Teatro Almeida Garret (Povoa de Varzim) and Salao Brazil (Coimbra). We have also experience playing in Lisbon (in a few fado houses), where we really got in touch with the heart of Portuguese music. So far it has been an amazing experience, but this is just the start of what, we wish, will be a fascinating tale...

Our Story

Palpita shares several tales, stories, poems, and music, inspired by Portuguese Fado, but complimented with a subtle touch of Dutch flavor. You may even recognize distinct Latin American and African accents.  
Palpita brings out joy and happiness, sometimes a tear. That is the essence of Fado.

Once upon a time...

Palpita is a musical project by Merel, António, and Ralph, born out of their mutual love for Fado music. It all started with a spontaneous performance in a house of Fado in
Lisboa by Merel. Having never sung in front of an audience before, let alone in a Casa de Fado in Portugal, she did just that, and sang Fado in front of her friends and other guests. The reaction was overwhelming! 

The experience inspired her to look for musicians who wanted to delve deeper into Fado music together. With a little help and a bit of luck she found an unsuspecting Portuguese guitar player, António. He turned out to be a great player, with significant experience in the major stages around the world. His musical talents are on full display on the Portuguese guitar, a magnificent instrument with twelve steel strings.
It is this unique sound that lies at the heart of the Fado music.
In Portugal they say the Portuguese guitar and the classical guitar form a perfect marriage. With another bit of luck Ralph heard about Merel’s plan. Out of interest he listened to Fado, and was blown away! Ralph is an experienced folk player, who switched to classical guitar a couple of years ago. He  loves to play Flamenco, but it was clear that he found his calling in Fado.
They soon discovered their seamless musical chemistry, almost as if they were meant to play together. From this moment, Palpita was born!
Palpita has recorded its first album in 2015.