About Palpita

"Palpita is een fado ensemble dat bij mij een gevoel van puurheid, passie en melancholie oproept door het prachtige samenspel van Antonio en Ralph en de frisse, iets hese stem van Merel. Mijn hart gaat zeker sneller en ritmischer kloppen bij het horen van de muziek van Palpita!"

"Palpita is a fado ensemble that evokes a sense of purity, passion and melancholy thanks to the wonderful interplay of Antonio and Ralph and the fresh, slightly hoarse voice of Merel. My heart definitely starts to beat faster and rhythmic when it hears the sound of the music of Palpita! "

Mieke Rumping

"A refreshing experience! Are you available for the whole month of August?"
Owner of Adega dos Fadistas, Lisboa 

"O nosso 'Um Contra Outro' numa versão muito especial feita por uma banda holandesa. Estes mimos sabem tão bem!"
"Our 'Um Contra Outro' in a very special version made by a Dutch band. This treats feel so good!"


"É tão bonito ver como as canções que lançamos ao mundo são depois revisitadas por outros músicos."
"It's so beautiful to see how the songs we send out to the world are then revisited by other musicians." 
Ana Bacalhau

"Cool! E assim vai a língua portuguesa aos sete ventos. Obrigada, é tão bom saber porque e para que fazemos música! Felicidades."
"Cool! And there goes the portuguese music with the seven winds. Thank you, it is great to know why and what for we make music! Cheers."

Cristina Branco

Press (Netherlands & Portugal)